Venom 6'3" Crank Bait PE 2-4

The Venom Crank Bait Series was built with modern anglers in mind.

They take advantage of the technological breakthrough that the Venom blanks brought to the trade and provide anglers with a super light rod that is virtually indestructible.

Using only the latest Fuji guides that make casting a breeze, all Venom Crank Bait rods are built in the Wilson factory to exacting standards to ensure every Crank Bait that arrives in the hands of an angler is the best rod they'll ever own.

The 6'3" (baitcast) and 6'5" (spin) lengths give these rods the ability to cast long, yet still retain accuracy and with four models in the baitcasting range and three in the spin range, everything from lightweight lipless crankbaits through to the heaviest of surface lures and spinnerbaits can be cast.

The split rear grip gives the rods unparalleled balance and the parabolic action of the blanks lends these rods perfectly to use with braided lines. The parabolic action absorbs the lunges and  headshakes of the fish keeping the hooks firmly locked in place.


The Crank Bait PE 1-2 was a rod that was demanded by Halco's Tim Carter. He wanted a rod capable of casting the lightest lures, yet still have the power to pull bigger than average fish from the snags. The PE 1-2 delivers in spades on these requests with a light tip that loads up well with light lures and a strength that can bully barra and cod out of their hidey holes when necessary. Rated for 10-20lb

Fishing Rod
Line Rating PE 2-4
Pieces 1
Rod Length 6'3" inches
Rod Model RLFVCR4
Rod Type Crank Bait

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Venom 6'3" Crank Bait PE 2-4


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