Agwé Feeder (Coil Float) FW-100004

This state of the art Coil Bottom FW-100003 (40g) is nose heavy aerodynamically streamline construction with offset weight to prevent it rolling and thus keeping it in the ground baited area even in windy conditions. The coils ensure that some part of the bait remains on the feeder even in flowing water or if small fish are destroying your bait. The advance double lock swivel seating system ensures proper hook hold which releases immediately during the initial run. The deep seat swivel lock, in case you are using a short pop up rig to target filter feeders like Catla catla or Silver carp, guarantees your hook bait hovering within the cloud created by your feeder bait and increases the hook up percentage many times.

The Coil Float FW-100004 has all the features of Coil Bottom but does not have additional weight to make it suitable for fishing depths. 

        Aerodynamically Stable.

        Excellent Bait Holding Coil.

        Long and Accurate Cast

        Offset Weight preventing it from rolling.

        Immediate release during the initial run.

        Best suited for filter feeders like Catla & silver Carp.

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Agwé Feeder (Coil Float) FW100004


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