GT Ice Cream Cone

  • The GT Ice Cream Cone range are injection moulded and come in a variety of fish catching colors.
  • The Cone is a general, all-purpose plug for long surf-casting for surface feeding predators like stripers, roosters, tarpon, bluefish and all jack species, including GT’s.
  • It works really well offshore for tuna, dolphin and other pelagics. It is best fished at a steady and slowish retrieve. The cone is the ultimate bluefish lure and will last a long, long time. Please refer to the Tips section for changing the hook to fish for toothy critters. The Cone is ideal in choppy conditions.
  • The new colors make it very appealing to fish when they are focused one particular colored bait.
  • Fisherman can now “match the hatch” by holding multiple colors of the same lure.
  • The Cone is bottom weighted to always swim the right side up. The flat bottom ensures a nice slap when skipping and the rounded top finishes the lure off nicely.
Fishing Lure
LENGTH 5.5" Inches
PRODUCT NAME GT Ice Cream Cone 3 Oz (5.5")
WEIGHT 1.5 Oz - 85gms

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GT Ice Cream Cone 3 Oz (5.5")


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